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Leadership Roles

What, you may be asking yourself, are these titles for this fledgling kingdom we are being asked to fill in the Kingmaker Player's Guide? Allow me to elucidate.

The ruler is the primary leader of the kingdom. His current title is Baron (or Baroness).

The councillor ensures the will of the citizenry is represented.

The general commands the kingdom's armies and is a public hero.

Grand Diplomat
The grand diplomat oversees international relations.

High Priest
The high priest guides the kingdom's religious needs and growth.

The magister guides a kingdom's higher learning and magic.

The marshal leads the kingdom's defence and city guards.

Royal Assassin
The royal assassin can serve as a public executioner, a headsman, or a shadowy assassin.

The spymaster observers the kingdom's underworld and criminal elements and spies on other kingdoms.

The treasurer organizes tax collection, and manages the treasury.

The warden helps organize patrols and enforces justice in rural and wilderness regions.

Chapter 8 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 8:

400 xp for returning to Kesten Garess with word of the demise of Falgrim Sneeg
400 xp for ending the Stag Lord's reign and therefore the bandit threat
1,600 bonus xp for successfully completing Kingmaker Adventure Path #1 - Stolen Land

In addition, Anatalia, Maladan and Blaidd receive the following experience rewards:

1,200 xp for dealing with Nugrah the Decrepit

That's 480 xp for Jonah and Aeric, 880 xp for the rest of the PCs. Except for Maladan, whose player earned him another 400 xp roleplaying bonus for navigating some tricky moments with his character. Good job!

In addition to this, substantial wealth can be recovered in the remains of the Stag Lord's Fort. This pales in comparison, however, with the potential to be found in a little piece of paper that just arrived from Restov....

... a new charter.

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Chapter 7 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 7:

2,400 xp for defending yourselves against the mindless zombies outside the fort
945 xp for dealing with the bandits in the fort, including the poachers that killed Kasimir
600 xp for chasing off (or killing?) Dovan
1,200 xp for defeating Beaky the Owlbear
600 xp for preventing Auchs from crushing Jonah's skull
800 xp for talking Akiros out of his blood rage
2,400 xp for defeating the Stag Lord and ending his reign of terror

Total: 1,789 xp each

Larry earns a bonus hero point for going balls to the wall on RP
Jeremy earns a hero point for solving gate dilemmas in a most awesome fashion

If you have enough xp to hit level 4, don't level your character quite yet. We're not quite done with the stag lord's fort...

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You Feel the Cold Hand...

... and wonder if you you'll ever see the sun.

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Wind and wave, both gender we,
Ever changing the pairing be,
Wild woman or Old Man of the Sea,
The storms of winter or normalcy,
Avoid they wrath, or be pruned from the tree!
~ from Hymns to the Wind and the Waves

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Chapter 6 Experience Rewards

Aeric, Anatalia, Blaidd and Jonah receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 6

Aeric and Anatalia
200 xp for helping Blaidd get back on his feet

400 xp for getting back to the party in a way that was plausible, in-character, and entertaining to boot
300 xp for surviving an encounter with a thawn

300 xp for saving Jonah from a thawn

200 xp for dealing with the mysterious rider
400 xp for role-play bonuses in general - everyone did a good job being patient with and participating in an RP session

Marcus receives a 400 xp player bonus for working with the GM on a prologue to introduce his character

Aeric: 800 xp
Anatalia: 800 xp
Blaidd: 1,300 xp
Jonah: 1,300 xp (DING)

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Aeric's Journal #7

Aeric Lebeda – Journal Entry 7

28th of Erastus

The past few days have been rather eventful. We have met an interesting individual named Blaidd (pronounced Blaith) of House Medvyed. He seems like a rugged sort if a tad too emotional about a dead wolf. He is very intent and persistent from what we have seen so far. It took considerable effort to convince him that we needed to head back and get his wounds tended by a healer, his idea of breaking arrows off while very dramatic, is also very impractical as it left the arrow head in the body. I’m quite sure that if I’m hurt I don’t want him treating me!

We head to the Temple of the Elk looking for Father Jhod and we have received word that Jonah will also be there. Apparently he as awoken from his coma, praise Erastil! We arrive at the temple to find that Father Jhod seems much overjoyed with the work ahead of him. He treats Blaidd and we prepare to head back out to follow the trail of the poacher/bandits.

Blaidd seems too intent, perhaps his wolf Kasmir meant more to him than I understand. However I feel obliged not to rush into things out here, or to put the horses at risk. Blaidd seems almost uncaring about the horses well being which is very peculiar for one who seems to practice druidic magic. Blaidd continues to follow the tracks well past last light, and Jonah follows him. Some sort of creature, which disguised itself as a rock, ambushes them. The creature almost kills poor Jonah, but fortunately Blaidd manages to kill the beast and heal Jonah.

In the distance we start to see a structure, which the poacher/bandits seem to have been heading towards. The structure is on a hillside and has a good view of the surrounding countryside. It will be difficult to sneak up on it. Blaidd convinces the rest of us to move in closer during the night so we can observe during the day. This is a considerable risk as it effectively puts us in harms way with no easy method of escape. If the bandits prove tougher than we anticipate we could be at a serious disadvantage.

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The Swan

With the beating of wings and a frightful display,
The majestic bird warns her foes away,
Those who fail to heed the sign,
Shall have their loves ones pine,
For upon their bones shall it make its nest!
~ House Lebeda

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Chapter 5 Experience Rewards

Aeric, Anatalia, Tomaz and Maladan receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 5:

500 xp for fully mapping and exploring certain areas of the Stolen Lands
800 xp for not getting swallowed alive by giant frogs at the hot springs
800 xp for ridding the Narlmarches of Tuskgutter
800 xp for not getting eaten alive by chew spiders in the fangberry thicket

The last two do not include the quest rewards. You'll receive those when the quests are turned in (Tuskgutter's head to Oleg for Vekkel, the fangberries to Bokken).

Aeric and Ana receive 300 xp each for avoiding a potential disaster with a troll
Tomaz and Maladan receive 300 xp each for working on the restoration of the Temple of the Elk

Total: 1,025 xp each

Level 4 will require 9,000 xp

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Journal Entry 6

Aeric Lebeda – Journal Entry 6

Sadly, I’ve lost track of what day it currently is. The past couple of weeks have been rather busy. Anna and myself headed back to Oleg’s to get Father Jhod and take him to the Temple of the Elk. On our way thru the ford at the river we encountered a troll. For some reason Anna decided to engage it briefly before following me fleeing from it. From all the stories I’ve heard, trolls are rather dangerous, if we were going to fight one, I would really rather with had more people with us.

We reached Oleg’s after 4 days and found that Oleg’s cousin Piotr had arrived. Piotr is the engineer we had requested. Also our waterproof ponchos arrived along with a replacement pony for Jonah. When we mentioned the lost temple to Father Jhod, he was already to get up and travel even though it was nighttime. We convinced him to wait until morning. We also discovered that while Jonah’s fever has broken, the lad has not yet woken up. Svetlana agrees to keep watch over him. We lent Piotr our duplicate map of the area (the one we are preparing for the mayor of Restov) so he can travel around and see some of the lay of the land. We put him on retainer so that he would hopefully still be around when we return with the rest of the group. We also offloaded a large amount of bandit gear, including Kressle’s head to Oleg and thus receiving the reward for suppressing bandits. I also picked up a number of potions of cure light wounds from Oleg’s since we had exhausted a number of ours during the past adventures. The return trip to the Temple of the Elk was uneventful and allowed me time to prepare a few more potions of cure light wounds.

We arrived with Father Jhod at the Temple, and he was overjoyed to see it. It did look much better than previously and I suspect that Maladan had done most of the work as Tomaz doesn’t like to do boring stuff. I passed out the potions of healing to Maladan and Tomaz (since I had already given Anna hers). Maladan dumped his out and filled it with water from pool. I was quite indignant about this, does the man have no idea how much those things cost? However I did come to realize that he wasn’t doing it from malice, he had just been left alone with Tomaz for 8 days… by himself, it would make anyone a bit loopy. Plus Maladan had filled his waterskin, his helmet, all the available cooking pots and some other crudely made bowls with the water. I suspect that Maladan will be soon back to his gruff self when we get him back out fighting bandits. Although I do see the attraction of staying at the Temple, it is very restful and peaceful here.

Leaving the Temple was quite difficult for Maladan and we scouted to the north. We found a lumber camp and what appears to be the lumberjack crushed under a number of logs. The cuts on the bindings indicate that it might have been the small fey creatures we had previously encountered. We buried the poor soul. We also found the start of a river! Obviously feed by an underground spring it was a good discovery so that we have another way around the river other than the ford. Heading to the southwest towards the hot springs that the fey creatures had mentioned we found it, it was very warm and foggy. Stripping down we clambered into the hot springs to soak. It was very relaxing, and somewhat distracting as we watched Anna, she is a very attractive woman. Our relaxation wasn’t to last though. We were attacked by giant frogs! They lashed out and both Anna and myself, I managed to break free and dash for shore as did Maladan. Tomaz cast magic to try and scare the frogs away. Anna was saved from being dragged into the reeds as Maladan’s aim with Erastil’s guidance pierced thru the fog and struck the frog truly. Anna made it to shore safely, but her appearance caused me to miss the actions of the remaining frog. Maladan sent a flaming arrow out to try and expand our limited visibility, however it seems he struck a pocket of explosive gas, which caused the whole area to start filling up with gas. After dispatching the last frog we fled into the prevailing winds and set up a new camp.

In the morning as we continued our exploration we realized that the hot springs are the start of another river, albeit a slow muddy river. Traveling south along the river, we found some abandoned stone buildings; at least we thought they were abandoned until we discovered that there was a boggard (frog-man) and his pet (a saber-toothed frog). With his broken common we decided that communication with it would be difficult at best. I did manage to whip up an extract that allowed me to understand the creature, who sounds much more intelligent in his native language. We may have to come back here when we are better able to speak with it.

Traveling to the east we encounter what seems like a small cave, until a nasty looking boar comes charging out of it. Tuskgutter! Maladan receives a devastating blow, in fact we fear for his life (if only he hadn’t dumped out those potions of healing!). After some considerable and dangerous fighting (I managed to light myself on fire) we managed to kill Tuskgutter and decapitate him.

Pushing further east we encounter the same river that the bandits have a ford on. This part of the river has a small bridge, which we decide not to cross at this time. Heading south we find Fangberries in between too large hills. However the Fangberries are not alone. They have small spiders (Chew Spiders) living in amongst the bushes. We collect some berries before small swarms of spiders come out and attack both Tomaz and Anna. For once they are both happy to be lit on fire as my bombs drive back the spiders. With some assistance Maladan collects the remaining berries we need without disturbing any more spiders. I take a couple of samples of these spiders. They could prove useful for my research.

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Loot & Distribution

Current Party Treasure (after Session #3)
Journal of a Dead Man (mentions Elena)
Journal of Tartuk (Jonah reading it)
1x MW Dagger, 1x damaged Spellbook (Aeric is looking at it), 1x Silver Ring (@ 75gp), Dust of Illusion (1 dose), MW Cold Iron Sickle, Bracers AC +1, Scroll of Fly,

Special Orders from Oleg’s paid for but not yet rec’d
Erastil trinkets to pass out to locals
Pony for Jonah

Session 4 Gains
Bandit Loot: 8x longbows, 8x shortswords, 8x leather armor (intent to sell to Oleg)
Kressle: Studded Leather, Magic Cloak, MW Handaxe (x2), 4x Dagger, Silver Amulet (Stag Lord)
Pair of Silver Earings, 321sp & 90gp (coin value increased)

Found and moved away from Bandit Camp: Polished Wooden case of Potent Green Herbal Liquor, 3x crate of furs (possibly stolen from Oleg), wooden music box


Oleg Store Credit: 341gp

Also of note: The party has requested an engineer to help rebuild the bridge at the crossing. (haven’t ordered lumber or other supplies yet)
Tomaz made a deal with Oleg & Capt Garess to recover the bear traps and let the party know who is buying them.

Completed Quests:
Wanted: Bandits (reward when we reach Oleg’s)
Temple of the Elk (reward when we reach Oleg’s)

The Crossing was destroyed by bandits, the owner supposedly haunts the buildings.
At Tuskwater Lake there is a group of cultists worshipping an evil deity. They might be exerting influence over the bandits.
The points from the Fey were marked on the map.
- hot spring
- trapped clearing (which we cleared the hard way)
- big nasty bear in a cave
- bridge with a bunch of bad big-uns (bandits?)

Known Quests
Wanted: Tatzlwyrm, Wanted: Tuskgutter, Gathering Fangberries, Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg

Other Activities
Planning the party/festival at Oleg’s (Tomaz’s plan)
Locating ‘Elena’ ~ priest of Erastil is working on locating her and breaking the bad news

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Aeric's Journal #5

Aeric Lebeda’s Journal Entry 5, for the 11th (Toilday) of Erastus of the year 4708.

We have returned to Oleg’s after our sweep of the north and west. We are preparing for a possible bandit attack (since the bandits have arrived on the 1st of the month) along with preparing for the holy day of Erastil (on the 3rd of Erastus).

Of note, Jonah seems to have fallen ill. I’m not sure if it is coincidence or not that it occurred very closely timed to when I was found on the floor unconscious. My last memories where that I was preparing to examine Frederick (Jonah’s dead rat) with an alchemic extract that assists in determining magic. Upon waking up, I had a splitting headache and was lying on the floor. One of Captain Garess’ men brought Jonah in saying that he had suddenly collapsed. Father Jhod looked at him but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Strangely enough Jonah shook more when Frederick was brought near him. Very curious.

The preparations for the bandit arrival were less than heartening. While several suggestions were presented to help catch the bandits in a crossfire or other trap were shot down by Tomaz as being reckless. I will admit that he has a point, the reason to have a fortification is to use it for cover… but it means then that we have giving up the initiative and are only reactive to what the bandits want to do.

The first was a long day, however both myself and Maladan caught sight of something moving thru the grass. At the end of the day I ventured out to see if I could track what ever had moved thru the grass. I found a small toy soldier and what was obviously the place where the scout was examining the outpost.

On the 2nd of Erastus, we ventured out tracking the trail of the bandit scout to the southwest. Tomaz and Anna were also intent on catching a boar. As the day grew longer myself and Maladan returned to the camp to finish preparations for the holy day of Erastil. Tomaz and Anna decided to stay out longer. When they returned the next day, they indicated that they had run into someone out in the bush but didn’t manage to capture him.

The holy day of Erastil passed uneventfully, it was good though to see how well Maladan and Father Jhod were getting along. I suspect quite strongly that when we set out to explore again that we will be pushing to the cave with the bear in the hopes that it is the lost Temple of Erastil.

On the 4th Of Erastus, we had a lively discussion about where to head. Eventually we tried to head directly to the location where we thought the lost temple was, only to encounter a river. We traveled south along the river and encountered bandits at a ford. Battle ensued! The high notes were that Maladan was almost slain by the bandit Kressel. She was very tough and only thru perseverance did Anna prevail. However Anna was discouraged as apparently she recognized one of the bandits. He fled from us. I was also somewhat disturbed by Tomaz’s actions. He deliberately killed a fallen foe. After we had mentioned that we needed information. I will have to keep an eye on my cousin. Another bandit surrendered to me, and when my attention was turned towards the rest of the battle he fled. Anna did manage to save one of the bandits from their wounds.

From the bandit camp we found a considerable amount of loot. Most of which we believe were looted from Oleg’s. We moved those goods to another location and then proceeded back to Oleg’s with the prisoner. We managed to get some information from the prisoner, and Maladan gave his word that we would allow the bandit his life. Tomaz wanted to leave the prisoner at Oleg’s. However there is no place at Oleg’s to hold a prisoner, and I suspect strongly that both Oleg and Captain Garess would arrange an accident for the prisoner as soon as we left again. I felt I had no choice but to let the bandit go, as taking him back would have been breaking the spirit of the agreement we had made with him.

Tomaz railed on me about that, calling me soft and weak in the head. Tomaz I think is missing the bigger picture. This bandit will now return back to his camp and will grudgingly inform them that he was let go. This should hopefully give us some added reputation for them to surrender and change their ways than trying to fight us to the last. But time will tell.

Knowing time is of the essence, we quickly make towards the location of the cave. We find a huge outcropping of rock surrounded by brambles. We manage to make our way in and find what looks like a elk’s head carved out of the rock face. It is quite impressive. A large misshaped bear came out of the back of the temple and charged Maladan. After a brief battle we managed to win over the creature who turned into old man and then crumbled to dust. I wonder if he was the caretaker of the temple? The feeling of the shrine increased considerably now that the bear was gone. Maladan pretty much couldn’t be moved from the place and would only tell the rest of us to fetch Father Jhod as quickly as possible.

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Hero Points

I mentioned in a previous post that we will be using hero points. Here are some additional details on their use. Don't forget to mark them down on your character sheet!

Gaining Hero Points

You gained 1 hero point at level 1 and gain an additional hero point every time you gain a level (you therefore currently have 2 hero points). You may never have more than 3 hero points at any one time (any additional points you would otherwise gain are simply lost). Once you use a hero point, it is spent and gone forever.

Using Hero Points

Hero points can be spent at any time and do not require an action to use (although the actions they modify consume part of your character’s turn as normal). You cannot spend more than 1 hero point during a single round of combat. Whenever a hero point is spent, it can have any one of the following effects.

Act Out of Turn

You can spend a hero point to take your turn immediately. Treat this as a readied action, moving your initiative to just before the currently acting creature. You may only take a move or a standard action on this turn.


If used before a roll is made, a hero point grants you a +8 luck bonus to any one d20 roll. If used after a roll is made, this bonus is reduced to +4. You can use a hero point to grant this bonus to another character, as long as you are in the same location and your character can reasonably affect the outcome of the roll (such as distracting a monster, shouting words of encouragement, or otherwise aiding another with the check). Hero points spent to aid another character grant only half the listed bonus (+4 before the roll, +2 after the roll).

Extra Action

You can spend a hero point on your turn to gain an additional standard or move action this turn.


If you feel stuck at one point in the adventure, you can spend a hero point and petition the GM for a hint about what to do next. If the GM feels that there is no information to be gained, the hero point is not spent.


You can spend a hero point to recall a spell you have already cast or to gain another use of a special ability that is otherwise limited. This should only be used on spells and abilities possessed by your character that recharge on a daily basis.


You may spend a hero point to reroll any one d20 roll you just made. You must take the results of the second roll, even if it is worse.

Cheat Death

A character can spend 2 hero points to cheat death. How this plays out is up to the GM, but generally the character is left alive, with negative hit points but stable. For example, a character is about to be slain by a critical hit from an arrow. If the character spends 2 hero points, the GM decides that the arrow pierced the character’s holy symbol, reducing the damage enough to prevent him from being killed, and that he made his stabilization roll at the end of his turn. Cheating death is the only way for a character to spend more than 1 hero point in a turn. The character can spend hero points in this way to prevent the death of a familiar, animal companion, eidolon, or special mount, but not another character or NPC.

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Chapter 4 Experience Rewards

Aeric, Anatalia, Tomaz and Maladan receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 4:
300 xp for fully mapping and exploring certain areas of the Stolen Lands
1,480 xp for dealing with the bandits at the river camp
400 xp for uncovering and dealing with the bear trap in the bandit camp
400 xp for completing the quest Wanted: Bandits
800 xp for defeating the bear guardian of the Temple of the Elk
400 xp for completing the quest Temple of the Elk

Anatalia and Tomaz share 135 xp for chasing off the scout

Aeric and Maladan receive 945 xp
Ana and Tomaz receive 1,012 xp

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Chapter 3 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 3:

1,100 xp for fully mapping and exploring certain areas of the Stolen Lands
800 xp for dealing with a wandering band of kobolds
800 xp for helping Svetlana surprise Oleg with his favorite - moon radish soup (400 for bypassing the kobolds, 400 for the quest)
1,000 xp for befriending Perlivash the faerie dragon and Tyg-Titter-Tut the grig
2,400 xp for surviving and disarming the bear traps in the forest
1,600 xp for surviving an attack by a territorial family of boars

7,700 xp in total. That's 1,540 per player.

That's enough to take Tomaz to level 2!

Level 3 will require 5,000 xp.

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Aeric's Journal #4

Aeric Lebeda’s Journal Entry 4, for the 25th (Sunday) of Sarenith of the year 4708.

We have returned back to Oleg’s after continuing our exploration. We decided to ensure we had maps of the areas to the east and west of Oleg’s.

Since our departure on the 11th, there have been few items of note. We received a package at Oleg’s, it looks like it was the equipment and head of the kobold shaman Tartuk. I believe this was the kobold chief acknowledging our assistance in overthrowing Tartuk. There was a journal of some sort, Jonah decided to translate it for us.

We encountered a small hut out in the plains during a rainstorm. It seems to belong to a twitchy fellow named Bokken. Bokken seems to be a potion maker of some sort, I didn’t really get much time to talk with him as he pushed us out and told us to come back if we had some Fangberries.

The storm got much worse so we decided to stop exploring and hunker down for a bit. A small band of kobolds discovered our camp. When I tried to communicate with them I mangled my draconic and accidentally prompted them to attack us. So I had to explode most of them, one kobold ran off screaming about demons in the woods.

We finished our eastern loop and stopped in briefly at Oleg’s before trying to acquire some radishes for Svetlana. We decided to try and barter with the kobolds of the radish patch by trading some spears for the radishes. The bartering was going kind of poorly when I received a message that I presumed came from Jonah, but he did sound kind of funny. Jonah had used the bartering as a distraction and snuck in and liberated some radishes. Since we had what we came for we decided to leave peacefully, and we left the spears as trade.

We explored slightly north of Oleg’s along the road where we encountered a wine merchant named Pavel, who strangely enough didn’t have any wine. Tomaz started talking quite excitedly with the fellow and wound up spinning an impressive tale and some illusions to show what he was thinking of for the future of the Stolen Lands. I was quite impressed myself, Tomaz definitely has a gift with talking with people. Tomaz decided we needed a fair or festival to start bringing the folks around together and celebrate to help boost his dream of a civilized area.

As we continued west we found one morning that our sentry had fallen asleep and that all our weapons were tied up in a tree with our own rope. Jonah seemed quite sure what had caused it, I was less positive but I presumed it was the work of some mischievous fey creatures. After a long day, Jonah finally managed to talk to the little fey creatures. One of which seemed to enjoy Tomaz’s bottles of wine. Once they were reasonably friendly with us they provided us with some information about the surrounding areas, a clearing full of dangerous traps, a hot spring, a big bear in a cave and a bridge with some bad big-uns nearby. Tomaz also invited them to the festival…

As we continued our exploration now heading back towards Oleg’s we entered the clearing where the fey creatures had mentioned the dangerous traps. And they were right! The clearing was full of bear traps. Both Jonah, Tomaz and Jonah’s pony got hit with the traps. While we managed to get both Jonah and Tomaz free with considerable difficulty, we had to put the pony down. Jonah was quite upset about the whole affair and blamed his dead rat Frederick for not helping him. Jonah went so far as to throw Frederick into the bush! Anna went to look for Frederick but didn’t find him. That night I discovered Frederick in my saddlebags!

While I felt somewhat foolish, I had a one sided chat with the dead rat. And I decided to return him to Jonah when we were back at Oleg’s. Preferably while Jonah was not watching.

We returned to Oleg’s on the 25th of the month, which would give Tomaz sometime to organize his festival, and allow the rest of us time to prepare a ‘welcome’ for any bandits who might show up on the 1st of the next month.

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Sunday SUNDAY sunday!!!!!

Just a reminder we're playing this Sunday, July 4 @ 3:00pm. My place.

A note to all who have gained a level. You gain an additional Hero Point along with your level. You should have a total of two.

You can spend two hero points to save yourself from certain death once.

You will need them...

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Chapter 2 Experience Rewards

Maladan, Jonah, Aeric and Anatalia receive the following experience rewards for deeds of daring in Chapter 2:

700 xp for fully exploring and mapping certain areas of the Stolen Lands
400 xp for dealing with an unruly giant spider
1,200 xp for successfully defending yourselves against various mites
935 xp for dealing with a giant tick and his ugly mite rider
800 xp for not getting killed by a territorial giant whiptail centipede
1,600 xp for participating in the kobold coup and successfully brokering a peace with the Sootscale kobolds
400 xp for returning Svetlana's ring

6,035 xp total or 1,508 xp per player

Jeremy receives a 100 xp player bonus for his wonderful work with the map.
Johnny receives a 100 xp player participation bonus for playing along with the GM and offering a cinematic when prompted.

Note that the Kobolds in the Hills quest offers a payout of 400gp. Oleg will pay you out on behalf of Restov on your word that the kobolds have been dealt with.

Aeric's Journal #3

Aeric Lebeda’s Journal Entry 3, for the 10th (Starday) of Sarenith of the year 4708.

Our group has returned back to Oleg’s trading post this day after doing some much needed exploration and mapping of the surrounding area.

We left on the 1st after dealing with the bandits attack. Tomaz declared that he was much too unwell to travel with us, after all, he was run over by a couple of horses. Personally I think it more likely that he decided not to come with us as staying at Oleg’s provided him with easier access to alcohol and Svetlana, Oleg’s wife.

We decided to forge our way southeast, as our intent was to end the threat posed by the kobold tribe the Sootscales. During our travels we encountered the remains of what we believe was a farmer who had fallen victim to a bear trap. He left a journal indicating that his wife was Elena. We buried him and Maladan lead us in a short prayer to Erastil to grant this poor soul peace. We also resolved to do our best to inform Elena of her husband’s passing.

On our journey, we also uncovered a small field of bones, of not just humans but of wild creatures as well. As we investigated a spider leapt out of from a cleverly disguised mound and bit Anna. Maddened by the poison Anna leapt to the attack and would not retreat with us. With some reluctance we engaged the spider, eventually burning it in its hole. Unfortunately one of my bombs went slightly amiss and also burned Anna. Jonah was quite visibly upset by this and accused me of doing it deliberately. It even looked as if Jonah was getting ready to attack me. In the end he spit on me. I was so taken aback by his behaviour that I could not even formulate a defence for myself other than it was an accident. In hindsight this was probably a good thing, as if I had responded it might have been along the lines that ‘if I had wanted to burn Anna then she would be burned and with her goddess’… probably not something that would endear me with Jonah. I’m at a loss about that boy.

We excavated the mound, in part because I was curious if I could use some of the spider’s own venom to create an antidote for Anna. Unfortunately it seems my skills were lacking for the task. However, I did take some detailed sketches of the spider in case we encounter them again. Underneath the spider, we discovered some more human remains. It appears that it was another bandit. This one had what we presume to be a small treasure map. We have decided to keep an eye out for a tree that looks like a clawed hand reaching to the sky. As we decided to bury all the bones of the victims of this spider, Jonah went off hunting. He came back with 3 rabbits and cooked them, he was very insistent that the rabbits were for himself, Anna and Maladan. I’m seriously considering taking this boy over my knee and giving him a good spanking, but I fear that while that might bring understanding to a normal child, Jonah is anything but.

The next day as we continued our journey to the southeast, we found the tree or what we believed to be the tree that was on the treasure map. After some searching we found some recently dug up ground. Working our way down we discovered a set of belongings wrapped in an almost useless cloak. A wand, a shiny dagger and what we assume is a water damaged spellbook. The next day, I was able to determine that the wand was magical. It eventually turned out to be a wand of burning hands. As we continued our journey to the southeast we came across a river, travelling along it we were unable to find any decent crossing sites, although we did find a place called Nettle’s Crossing, but the bridge was in serious disrepair, and the building on the opposite shore was burnt out.

Pushing west as the river blocked further exploration to the south, we found a huge dying tree. Maladan and Jonah decided to go up and investigate. They found all sorts of tiny humanoid footprints. We determined that kobolds and mites made the tracks. Not knowing which lair this was we cautiously entered. Jonah made a bellowing challenge to the mites that he was here to punish them for being allies with the Dark Queen. He was then attacked out of the darkness, and he replied with a fiery vengeance using the wand we had found earlier. It was then all I could do to keep up with him as Jonah moved rapidly after any noises that the mites made. In the next open chamber a number of mites moved to attack Jonah but he was too quick for them and incinerated them with the wand.

We also discovered several kobolds being tortured by the mites. Anna released the only one still alive and healed his wounds. His name was Nicknack or some such. Jonah quickly questioned him if he was allied with the Dark Queen. I quickly interceded by informing Jonah, the if he worked with the Dark Queen then he wouldn’t be getting tortured by her minions. Jonah seemed to accept my logic with the idea of an enemy of my enemy is my friend. It seems that the mites had stolen a sacred statue belonging to the kobolds, and this kobold and his group had come here to try and steal it back. We agreed to help him ‘rescue’ his sacred statue.

However the burning of the other mites seemed to have calmed Jonah’s bloodlust to allow Anna to take the lead. We found a huge chasm, which we figured was quite perilous to cross. And in fact it was, not only were some of the hand holds deliberately tied so that any weight would cause one to fall, but there was one damn big centipede that came up out of the darkness and attacked us! Anna and Maladan managed to defeat it and we pushed on.

We entered another chamber and found a number of mites examining an ivory statue on a table, we assume it was the sacred statue of the kobolds. Jonah quickly leapt into action and again tried to incinerate a number of them. However I fear that the power of the wand was fading as while it burned several, they managed to shrug of the flames and advance on Jonah. In fact we were very lucky that Jonah wasn’t outright killed by these nasty little creatures. One especially fierce one actually called down a giant tick and rode it into battle against us. After much fighting we eventually prevailed and gathered up the sacred statue and several other treasures, which we determined actually belonged to the kobold tribe.

Our little kobold friend lead us to the kobold lair were we could return their sacred statue. As our intent was to eliminate the kobold threat we figured we could try a peaceful resolution first. And if that failed, well at least we would know where the kobold lair was. However it seems that the issue with the kobolds was that the sacred statue was a bone of contention between the tribal chief and the tribal shaman. In turning over the statue to the chief, he broke the statue and then challenged the shaman for authority over the clan. The chief was welcome and invited us to kindly leave. Technically he did invite us to come back, but the intent was quite clear that he would very much prefer if he never hear from us again. We did manage though to calm the kobolds activities and create an alliance of sorts. Can kobolds and humans co-exist? I don’t know, but it seems that we will give it a try.

The next few days we started our journey back north towards Oleg’s. We figured that unless things went amiss we should arrive back on the evening of the tenth. Most of our return journey was uneventful, although we did find some things of interest. One item I will make no mention of it here, in fact we were all in agreement that we would keep it secret, even from Tomaz. The other was that in the forest just southwest of Oleg’s we discovered another tribe of kobolds and what seems to be their radish patch.

I made note of the radish patch, as they seemed to be a very large clearing of them. If we ever manage to get farmers into these areas, this radish patch would be a great initial crop.

Upon arriving back at Oleg’s we noticed several changes. Of note was that the bandit’s bodies were no longer on display, although the heads were. Also there seemed to be guards at the gate and walking the walls. I suspected that these were the reinforcements that Oleg had discussed with us on our first visit. And miracle of miracles, they even had Tomaz walking a post! Ha! I bet he was now sorry he had stayed behind!

We found that in addition to the guards there was also a wandering priest of Erastil present. He had some interesting information for us, one was that he may know who the widow Elena is, and he mentioned that there were rumors of a lost Shrine to Erastil somewhere in the Stolen Lands, guarded by an enormous bear. I heartily concurred with Maladan that finding a Shrine to Erastil was important, however as we didn’t know where it was we would have to continue our explorations of the area and hope we stumble across it.

We also discovered that among the items we exchanged with the kobolds was Svetlana’s wedding ring. Oleg and Svetlana were overjoyed to have it returned. Oleg opened up a line of credit for us in the store and agreed to give us very fair value for any items we would bring back to sell to him.

We were a tad puzzled as how we recovered the ring, because Oleg had mentioned that the bandits had originally stolen it from them. How it became an item passed back and forth between the kobolds and the mites is unknown, but it leads us to the premise that either the mites and/or kobolds are in league with the bandits or that they managed to some how steal it from the bandits. Either will require some more investigation.

~ end entry.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Loot & Distribution

From Session #1:
Longbow w/ 20 arrows - Tomaz

Sold to Oleg for 50gp
1x longbow, 3x short swords, 4x leather armor

Party gold: 65gp (bandit coin) + 50gp (Oleg reward) + 50gp (item sale)

Total: 165gp

From Session #2
Journal of a Dead Man (mentions Elena)
Spider Hole - Silver Amultet (Maladan), 10gp, Leather Armor, Short Sword
Treasure Map - MW Dagger, Spellbook (badly damaged), Silver Ring (@75gp)
Mites Loot - Dust of Illusion (1 dose), 321sp, 249gp, 13pp

Item Creation: 2x Potion Cure Light Wounds (Anna & Aeric) - 50gp from party loot

Sold to Oleg for 20gp (because he is now super friendly to us)
1x short sword, 1x leather armor

Recovering Svetlana's Ring - 500gp Store Credit (can do special orders)
Making Peace with the Kobolds - (can't find the sheet, I think it was 200gp... Jay can you confirm?)

So current party treasure consists of
1x MW Dagger, 1x damaged Spellbook (Aeric is looking at it), 1x Silver Ring (@ 75gp), Dust of Illusion (1 dose)

Restocking the Exploring Supplies
Animal Feed & Trail Rations & Torches ~ 25gp of Oleg Store Credit
1x replacement dagger for Aeric ~ 2gp of Oleg Store Credit

Coin: 321sp, 374gp, 13pp
Oleg Store Credit: 473gp
And the Making Peace with the Kobold's Reward.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Next Session

Just a reminder next session is scheduled for Sat, June 12 - start at around 2pm or so. Please update your calendars.

If this is not good for anyone please let us know ASAP so we can adjust.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Standing in the courtyard of the trading post, listening to Oleg speak of their problems with the bandits, had stirred something in the boy that the woodling had not seen in a long long time. Granted there was some rage, still to be expected considering the boy’s upbringing but there was also that sense of determination and steely will that the woodling knew ran through the boy’s core. He would need it for the work that was to be done. Killing had a way of wearing on the soul and it still remained to be seen if the boy’s could be salvaged.

In front of his new companions the boy wore the mask of a stoic warrior. The boy so resembled his father at times, the woodling thought to himself. But, at night, alone in the dark the dreams had come and the frightened animal which had nearly consumed the child years before reared it’s cowardly head once more...

No one had noticed Jonah slip away, already the boy was a master of stealth his small stature and years of “training” by his grandfather had taught him to move silently and invisibly. Soon his “other” talents would begin to manifest as well, for better, or far more probably, for worst. Slipping past his companions was an easy feat for the child and the woodling waited at the gate for his young ward to arrive...

“So just like that eh? Leavin’ in the middle of the night? Leavin’ the lady and the others to their fate?” The woodling shook his head in anger, though he felt nothing but sorrow in his heart.

“Frederick!” the boy almost collapsed in fright, his fear turning to dark anger, “you scared me!”

“I scared you!!!” the woodling chastised, “I scared you! I am the one makin’ ya run of like a daft coward am I? Tail tucked between yer legs like a yeller dawg!! If only your father could see ya now!”

“My father left me!” the boy sobbed, nearly breaking the woodling’s heart... “with HIM!!!” He was weeping now, fear and shame racking his frail body. “I can’t do it Frederick...” the boy’s eyes lit up... as he looked at the woodling.... “You can Frederick... like before.... make me sleep...”

The woodling’s heart grew icy... to feel alive again!!! To breathe the sweet air, to fight as a warrior!! To wield the sleeping giant in the boy as it should be wielded!! The woodling calmed himself, he couldn’t do it again. He didn’t know if he would be able to let it all go. “No... my Lord... it is not my place. You must learn... you must fight.”

“Please Frederick!!! I will learn.. I will! I just can’t... not now.. not yet... please this will be the last time I swear!” The boy was nearly frantic awash in panic.

In the end it was the love of the boy which won him over, at least that’s what Frederick tried to tell himself. “Then sleep my young Prince, and once it is all over I shall awaken you.”

Frederick stood there in the night clasping onto the dead form of Rickers, his heart full of relief, before he collapsed onto the ground, convulsing. Foam started to come from his mouth, his hands wailed frantically at his sides clawing at creatures only he could see. Then stillness and quiet until the boy picked himself slowly off the ground. Picking up the rat in his hands, petting it soothingly laughter began to come from the boy... joyful, maniacal laughter... not the laughter of a boy ... but rather reminiscent of a demon.

The creature walked back to where the boy had risen and slipped back into bed, closing its eyes, drinking in the sensations of life, waiting for the morning where it would wash the ground from whence it came with the blood of the living.

It could hardly wait.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

XP Progression

I was asked which experience progression we'll be using - we're using the normal progression.

This means you need 2,000 xp to reach level 2 (5,000 to reach level 3).

New Rewards


For your prologue contributions, each player receives 200 xp.

You also received a small token to add to your starting equipment.

Aeric - You managed to quite brilliantly pack up the essentials of your home alchemy lab into a portable form and fit it into your pack for the trip. This lab provides you with a +2 circumstance bonus to Craft(alchemy) skill checks.

Jonah - Frederick has been twitchier than usual as of late. You're still not sure what's going on...

Maladan - Years of rubbing your wooden symbol of Erastil for luck has worn it to a bright polish. In addition to acting as your holy symbol, you can use it to cast know location once per day.

Tomaz - Once you decide how your bardic performance manifests, you can use your trusty masterwork instrument (pen, lucky pin, tap shoes?) to provide you with a +2 circumstance bonus to your Perform skill.

Anastasia - The scimitar gifted to you in the desert has a hilt shaped like an ankh, with Sarenrae, arms in flame, as the grip and cross-guard and the sun as the pommel. It is a masterwork scimitar in addition to being your divine focus.

In addition, please mark down one Hero Point on your character sheet. This can be spent to reroll a d20 at any time when things get rough. Additional Hero Points can be earned by bringing awesome to the game (you choose the method to do so). If the other players are going "wow, cool!", you're on the right track.

Chapter 1
For dealing with the alleged bandits:
Each player receives 361 xp

Larry and Dewey have earned an additional +100 xp for helping preserve the precious bubble that is the verisimilitude of our campaign setting.

Oleg lets you take any bits of gear you want from the fallen - anything left over he'll claim as new stock.

Looted from the bloody and burnt corpses:
Leader - alchemist's fire, leather armor, dagger, composite longbow(+2 Str) with 20 arrows, 2 days of trail rations, silver stag amulet, 35 gp
Others (x3) - leather armor, longbow with 20 arrows, short sword, 2 days of trail rations, 10 gp
1 horse

1 longbow and a quiver with two dozen arrows was borrowed from Oleg that has yet to be payed for

Oleg gave you a bag with 50 gp in it, 2 potions of cure light wounds, and a potion of shield of faith (+2) as rewards for helping him

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kingmaker session 2 – Wagons, A Trading Outpost and Banditos!

Kingmaker session 2 – Wagons, A Trading Outpost and Banditos!

Aeric’s Journal

We have been making our way south west along the road out of Restov. We are heading towards Oleg’s Trading Post which is the landmark for the territory that we are to explore, map and clear of unfriendly things.

My cousin Tomaz is somewhat unhappy with me, in that when I purchased supplies I didn’t see the point of purchasing any wine. Both Tomaz and Maladan claim that the water isn’t safe to drink. I think they are claiming that as an excuse to drink wine and other alcoholic beverages.

I must say that I’m quite impressed with Jonah’s woodcraft. He seems very much at home in the wild as it were. I do find his talk about Fredrick speaking and telling him things to be somewhat disturbing, but he seems able to function. Plus he is so darn cute that you can’t help but overlook a little bit of strangeness. Unfortunately while Maladan seems to be bonding well with Jonah, I’m thinking that Tomaz is only irritating the poor lad.

Anna seems fairly quiet. Perhaps the tragedy of losing her friend and mentor Desmond has inflicted considerable pain that Anna is not yet ready to open herself back up to the rest of the world.

On our journey the road has been getting progressively rougher. As we pass fewer and fewer farms and small settlements, it seems we are entering more wild and untamed lands. I’m not quite sure if we are actually in the Stolen Lands per se or if we are still inside the frontier borders of Brevoy and Rostland.

We did encounter a wagon traveling back to Restov. The lady and her two children are making haste away. Apparently the bandits have made off with her husband and she has had enough of ‘trying to make a go of it’ in the wilderness. As Anna and Maladan were busy talking with her, Tomaz and I realized the Jonah managed to scurry off into the bushes. I’m suspecting that Jonah has a very highly developed sense of personal survival. Which could prove troublesome later on, especially as he is supposed to be our guide. What are we going to do if our guide up and disappears on us in the middle of the wilderness?

We finally make it to Oleg’s Trading Post on the last day of the month. Tomaz is overjoyed, mainly because while my cousin is a big ideas kind of guy, he tends to forget some of the little things… like a bedroll. Tomaz is definitely looking forward to being able to sleep on a bed tonite.

The trading post seems to be of a fairly sturdy construction, although the catapults on the 4 towers have definitely seen better days. Svetlana seems to be quite a pleasant lady, and Oleg seems a bit on the gruff side. Although he does eventually warm up to us. Of course maybe the reason he warms up to us is that we have agreed to take on some bandits that have been plaguing the outpost. They come on the first of the month and take what Oleg has stored up. Which means that they will be here tomorrow at dawn. We look around the compound to figure out where we want to be when the bandits come in. Anna and Tomaz both want to try and convince the bandits to give up their own ways and either redeem themselves or join us. Maladan and myself are more of the ‘pull the weeds from the garden’ attitude, and Jonah comes across as bad men must be punished.

We setup early the next morning and the bandits arrive. 4 bandits with 6 horses. Apparently two of the horses are to be used as pack animals to bring back Oleg’s supplies. Anna and Tomaz greet them as they enter the outpost. Negotiations basically hit a stumbling block in that neither Anna or Tomaz can convince the bandits to lay down their weapons. The bandits claim to be here to do some trading, but Maladan and Jonah both detect that falsehood. Unfortunately it seems that as I was getting ready to make my move that the bandits picked up on it and reacted. They took up defensive positions and spooked the horses into us.

We eventually prevail over the bandits. I do feel somewhat sorry about shooting the badly injured bandit, it is possibly that we might have been able to take him prisoner, unfortunately he was the only one who was mounted and it looked like he was going to escape from the outpost. Failing to convince the bandits to redeem is one thing, but allowing them to leave and warn their friends about us would be an unacceptable tactical failure. Perhaps Erastil will forgive me, because Anna seemed quite put out with me and the others as none of the bandits could be saved or redeemed.

Oleg though was overjoyed with the results. After stripping the bandits of their gear he strung them up on the outside wall facing south as a deterrent to the other bandits. I’m not sure that was the wisest course of action, but this is his place technically he can do what he wants here. We did manage to capture one of the bandits’ horses, but the others fled. That may cause us some difficulty down the road if they manage to return to the bandits camp as it will alert them that something has changed at Oleg’s.

After the battle we notice there is a bulletin board with a number of rewards for slaying various creatures or performing a variety of deeds. With much discussion we finally choose to head south and investigate the rumors of kobolds and either defeat them, or make an alliance with them so that they stop raiding. We have also decided to explore as we go so the trip will take a bit longer than what we would normally anticipate travelling direct.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It was a strange sight to be sure, if any but the animals of the forest were there to see it. In the middle of a clearing in the dead hours of the night a small flickering flame was being fed by a child whose small demeanour masked any true guess of age. After he watched the fire for a moment, making sure it still burned, he moved a tree stump closer to it, slowly and methodically. After it had been moved he started to shuffle over another stump. A large thud and a gasping of air startled the child and he slipped in the mud...

“Frederick... I would have moved you.”

“At the way that yer movin lad!!! Not bloody likely... besides I am freezing... “ Jonah looked over to his companion and his heart filled with pain and sorrow at his poor mentor’s condition. Once he had been a proud defender of the Folk, once he had been a warrior, once he and Rickers had passed through the Mists as light through glass but now... the child turned his head to the rat and shivered... Rickers was not well. He was bound in what Frederick had called Undeath, as Frederick was as well, ever since that one horrible day...

The woodling noticed the child’s demeanour right away and cursed his own impatience. Frederick knew his plight weighed heavy on the young reagent’s heart and he knew how tenuous the child’s grip on reality was; “My lord,” Frederick addressed as properly as he could manage, “it truly was a minor inconvenience, your humble servant begs your forgiveness .”

Jonah turned back to the woodling... tears in his eyes and a smile beginning to form on his lips... “I hate it when you call he that Frederick...”

The undead woodling cracked a toothy grin of broken pebbles, “Then quit being a dolt and go find yourself some supper... and get enough for two...”

Jonah’s eyes widened... “You mean...?”

The woodling’s grin faded and he noded his head... “Yes, she is coming.”

Monday, May 3, 2010

Political Instability in Brevoy

Brevoy is a country on the verge of change. Of the seven noble houses, five are in the north and two are in the south. When the ruling House Rogarvia vanished completely, it left a power vacuum. House Surtova managed to push forward their claim to be Regents for the missing House.

Some, but not all of the noble houses have acknowledged this claim. This leads to considerable tesion, along with the fact that the lands of House Rogarvia have effectively become uncontrolled by any House. This is in part due to the fact the the Regency by House Surtova also effectively blocks them from reassigning House Rogarvia's lands and that House Surtova is stretched its resouces to hold the Dragonscale Throne.

Add in the considerations that the other Houses have some issues of their own. House Lebeda is also a regency for Lord Lander who is still a minor, they also seem to be looking for a marriage alliance with House Surtova. House Garess has recently lost its heir, and the new heir is an adopted dwarf! House Orlovsky which seems a focus of resentment towards House Surtova has as of yet refused to acknowledge that House Surtova is the de facto King. Mix this altogther and there are the possible components of a civil war.

In an attempt to defuse this state of affairs, House Surtova has announced several expeditions to claim the Stolen Lands. It is believed that by presenting an external issue, the internal issues will lessen.

Time will tell if civil war will be averted or merely delayed.

- Journey to the Stolen Lands, Journal of Aeric Lebeda.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Spell Cards

Hey All,

I've completed my spell cards for my character. What do you think? If you've got a spell that you think you'll be casting often and want a card for it, let me know and I'll make one up. Equipment and weapons are fine too.



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Character Portraits

Portrait cards for Mine and John's characters. Send me info and picture if you want me to make you one.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Copies of Your Characters

Once you're comfortable with a "final build" of your character, please create a copy of them for me - character sheet as well as any pertinent background summaries that may be useful to flesh out any side quests you might want developed.

Rivers Run Red

I was flipping through Kingmaker 2 (Rivers Run Red) last night and thought I'd share some of the things that jumped out at me as Paizo continues their experiment in sandbox adventures and kingdom-building.
  • 2 is very much a continuation of 1 in that it mostly expands the sandbox. And adds kingdom building. Aw yeah. Kingdom building.
  • Kingdom building looks awesome.
  • Rome was not build in a day. It will take time for your fledgling kingdom to mature. Once you get settled in years will pass and you will have to think of what you want to do long-term with your character (as well as the kingdom). This is not an Archie comic. Dewey's character will grow up. Larry's character will get old. Be prepared.
  • We may have sessions down the road that mostly or entirely consist of kingdom management. While bean-counting and infrastructure management don't sound like fun in real life, I foresee it being a hootenanny when your capital city (and its residents) are at stake! Be forewarned, it will not all be dungeons and dragons. That's... that other game.
  • "That other stuff that so-called adventurers do" is, of course, always available in sandbox form if you guys just wanna smash some face and get some loot. Cuz who doesn't once in a while?
Interesting times ahead...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Expectations for Kingmaker Kick-off

As we approach our first real session, I thought I'd clarify what's expected for the May 2 prologues - I've been getting a few questions so chances are others have them.
  • You should have an introductory scene prepared (at least in mind) that will introduce your character to the party. It need not be action-packed (not all characters are so), but it should be evocative of who you're playing in the story.
  • Since I will likely be the primary person helping you run your scene, please fill me in on how you would like it to play out so that I can help you get to where you want to go. If I have to guess, you could get disappointed, and that's no fun.
  • If you want to include others in your scene (for example you want to introduce your relationship with another party member), best get that character's player involved too for similar reasons.
  • By the end of your scene(s?) you should have a charter (in hand or by association) from the Lord Mayor of Restov (sanctioned by Lord Regent Noleski Surtova himself!) to strike out and tame the Stolen Lands. To the south!
This session will be pretty free-form - the main goal is to set the tone for some good narrative. Once the ball gets rolling we'll be dialing down the role-play and dialing up the roll-play. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey All,

Looking forward to gaming on the 2nd. What should I bring? I'm hoping to have a character map done, and maybe make some cards for my character a la 4th ed. Especially spells... We'll see how they go, but I'll post some if/when I get them done.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It was a crisp cool autumn night in the village of Gettins as the moon crested over the peaks of Mount Vehska onto the lands below. Mist crept down from the mountain through the rolling hills and into the village like a vast ghostly lake overfilling its bounds. Colourful lanterns were hung about the village as if to stem the tide yet their light was nearly engulfed before cutting through. Laughter cut through the fog, the laughter of children, running and playing in the streets, an unusual site in the village of Gettins. But tonight was the night of the Harvest when even the most grizzled herder and stoic woodsman would celebrate the bounties of the gods. Man would sit in each other’s companies and regale each other with outlandish tales of their ancestor’s tales. Children would sometimes gather, but would more often than not run with wild abandonment, for there were few times in a child’s life in Gettins that wasn’t free of work and toil.

For one child in the village there was never a moment that wasn’t full of anguish and terror.

Jonah Evanstree lived as a shadow, remaining as silent and as invisible as the night. He lived with his grandfather, an ill tempered old herder of goats, a rude ignorant old man filled with loathing and spite. At least this is what the villagers thought, but Jonah knew the truth. Doran Evanstree was a monster.

Jonah never knew his father, only to here that he was probably the son of some demon spawn, a foul creature. His mother died during child birth, a “slut witch” who got what she deserved. And Jonah? According to his grandfather was the grand Demon himself and it was his grandfather’s duty to eternally punish him.

As long as he could remember his life was a routine of misery. Brutally hard work with little rest and little food usually followed by hours of beatings and degrading tirades by his grandfather. The hours turned into days, the days into weeks and the weeks into years. For Jonas the only respite was when he slept. For why would one dream when they lived an eternal nightmare?
Eight long years passed as Jonah turned into a pitiful creature of fear and self hatred. Doran became more unhinged as the years passed, his darkness working through him like a venom, the last of his humanity eroded away by the copious spirits he engulfed every night. It was a mixed blessing for Jonas, sometimes his grandfather would forget all about him and collapse in the hearth of his disgusting hovel. But sometimes he would remember, and the last bit of humanity, the last bit of restraint, was forgotten. The beatings that Jonas received at these times would leave him in a ruined heap for a week at a time, sometimes he would pray to the gods to take him. It was during one of these times that his prayers were answered, albeit from the most unlikely of sources...

Jonas was lying under his bed, nursing what he was sure was a broken arm, whimpering begging for deaths. His heart was dark with hatred, not of his grandfather, the fear he felt would not allow it. He hated himself, he hated his existence. In a moment of darkness he called upon the demon powers his grandfather swore he was from to take his life... and from the darkness came an answer...

“Oy! Carful whatcha wish for laddy! Ya never know whose listen!”

Jonas’ head jerked, smacking into the top of his bed his eyes rolled back in pain, when they came into focus again he was staring into the eyes of a rat. He nearly screamed in terror, but lacking the strength it came out as a painful wheeze.
“Easy there laddy! Ricker is a trained battle rat! He’ll chew yer eyes out if he thinks your trouble... “ Jonas’ eyes were drawn up to the curious figure up top of the rat. It was a tiny creature perhaps 2 inches tall made of twigs and mud, it’s eyes were two small dark black pebbles. It wore a tiny black cloak and appeared to carry a miniature rapier at its side. The stick creature patted the side of the rat he rode on. “Easy there Ricker... this here he’s the reason they sent us out of the Mists, though he looks like no prince to me... “ Ricker approached Jonas again, the little creature on its back taking it all in. “Though looks can be deceiving...” the little creature smiled, it’s mouth full of smaller white triangular rocks... “now get out from under there son of Wodak. We have things to discuss.”

Jonas, his strength very slowly returning was stunned... “I... I... I...”

“By the Lady’s Breeches!!!” The stick creature cursed poking Jonas with his rapier, “are ye truly a daft child! Hrmph!” as it kicked it’s tiny foot, replete with miniature leather riding boots, into Jonas’ side. “I don’t believe it! If your father could see ya now... he is not gonna like this one bit!”

“My father... he, he’s a demon...”

“A WHAT!!!” the tree creature squealed “OY... get out from under there boy. We need to discuss your future. There are things coming... horrible things. And beautiful things as well. Yours is the hand of a shaper... “ for a moment the creature’s tone softened and even in his damaged state Jonas could sense its cavernous sorrow, “and your time is short. Now get up.. we have things to discuss...”

But alas that is a conversation for another day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Calendar

Let's give Google Calendar a whirl for scheduling. You should all have an invite to join the Kingmaker Calendar in your inbox.

Johnny, Larry, you guys are still in charge of scheduling our sessions please and thank you.

Hopefully this makes it easier to game more often!

Char pics

Hey All,

I was going to make a relationship map so we'd have a better idea of how the party will interact.

Send me names, and a pic for your character to include. If you trust my judgement, I can choose a pic too.


Preparing for the Trip

Journal Entry 1 - Pre-journey
I have spent most of the morning reading my meager gear for this trip. It was a most unfortunate turn of events at the dice game last night, I was doing quite well that I almost suspect that the dice were rigged. However, caution made me hold my tongue, the ruffians that I was playing with weren't the usual sort I hung around with so I was a tad unsure how they would have reacted. Knowing my luck they would have reacted quite badly to the accusation. So my coin pouch is much lighter than expected. Fortunately I had purchased most of the supplies I truly needed, but a horse would have been very useful.

Now I must hurry and join my companion as we head to the Stolen Lands to explore and hopefully claim a chunck of land.

Housekeeping Note - Automatic E-mail

I have added you players to an e-mail distribution list and will be receiving an e-mail with each post. This is merely to get the ball rolling. If you are planning on subscribing and would prefer not to receive an e-mail every time someone uses the blog please let me know and I'll remove you from the subscription.

Character Creation Guidelines

  • Only official Pathfinder products are valid for character creation, including the final draft of the Advanced Player's Guide playtest rules
  • Pathfinder OGL content is acceptable, but must be reviewed by the GM to see if it needs a tweak for the Pathfinder rules system
  • We'll be using 20-point buy (High Fantasy) for attributes (p. 16 Core Rulebook)
  • Players receive 2 bonus traits from the Kingmaker Player's Guide or standard trait set
  • The Leadership feat is unavailable

Into the Wild

South of Rostland, the hills rise and forests bloom into a land that has long remained wild, despite numerous attempts by colonists from both north and south to claim and civilize it. Taldor made the most ambitious attempt to settle this realm, but even that great nation failed to tame the wilderness that lies in a green swath between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms proper. This region is known as the Stolen Lands, as the wilds are viewed as territory unfairly claimed (and lost) by the other. It has lain fallow for decades since the previous attempt at colonization, and some whisper that the time is ripe for another attempt.

Yet before the Stolen Lands can be claimed, they must be known. Old ruins, monuments to previous failures, dot the landscape, home now to all manner of savage humanoid tribe and ravenous glowering monstrosity. Bandits and barbarians are the closest thing to civilization an explorer can expect to encounter in this deadly but beautiful wilds.

-- from Taldan historian Gustav Devarr's "Kingdoms of the Lost"

Welcome to Kingmaker!

Welcome to our online home for all things Kingmaker! Here you'll be able to post anything you'd like to preserve for the Kingmaker campaign - ideas, questions, rules, fiction, you name it.

You'll be receiving a subsequent e-mail adding you as an author to the blog, but in the meantime you can add it to your bookmarks (kingmaker-campaign.blogspot.com) or subscribe to it in your favourite RSS reader.