Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapter 8 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 8:

400 xp for returning to Kesten Garess with word of the demise of Falgrim Sneeg
400 xp for ending the Stag Lord's reign and therefore the bandit threat
1,600 bonus xp for successfully completing Kingmaker Adventure Path #1 - Stolen Land

In addition, Anatalia, Maladan and Blaidd receive the following experience rewards:

1,200 xp for dealing with Nugrah the Decrepit

That's 480 xp for Jonah and Aeric, 880 xp for the rest of the PCs. Except for Maladan, whose player earned him another 400 xp roleplaying bonus for navigating some tricky moments with his character. Good job!

In addition to this, substantial wealth can be recovered in the remains of the Stag Lord's Fort. This pales in comparison, however, with the potential to be found in a little piece of paper that just arrived from Restov....

... a new charter.

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