Monday, October 25, 2010

Chapter 7 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 7:

2,400 xp for defending yourselves against the mindless zombies outside the fort
945 xp for dealing with the bandits in the fort, including the poachers that killed Kasimir
600 xp for chasing off (or killing?) Dovan
1,200 xp for defeating Beaky the Owlbear
600 xp for preventing Auchs from crushing Jonah's skull
800 xp for talking Akiros out of his blood rage
2,400 xp for defeating the Stag Lord and ending his reign of terror

Total: 1,789 xp each

Larry earns a bonus hero point for going balls to the wall on RP
Jeremy earns a hero point for solving gate dilemmas in a most awesome fashion

If you have enough xp to hit level 4, don't level your character quite yet. We're not quite done with the stag lord's fort...

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