Sunday, June 13, 2010

Loot & Distribution

From Session #1:
Longbow w/ 20 arrows - Tomaz

Sold to Oleg for 50gp
1x longbow, 3x short swords, 4x leather armor

Party gold: 65gp (bandit coin) + 50gp (Oleg reward) + 50gp (item sale)

Total: 165gp

From Session #2
Journal of a Dead Man (mentions Elena)
Spider Hole - Silver Amultet (Maladan), 10gp, Leather Armor, Short Sword
Treasure Map - MW Dagger, Spellbook (badly damaged), Silver Ring (@75gp)
Mites Loot - Dust of Illusion (1 dose), 321sp, 249gp, 13pp

Item Creation: 2x Potion Cure Light Wounds (Anna & Aeric) - 50gp from party loot

Sold to Oleg for 20gp (because he is now super friendly to us)
1x short sword, 1x leather armor

Recovering Svetlana's Ring - 500gp Store Credit (can do special orders)
Making Peace with the Kobolds - (can't find the sheet, I think it was 200gp... Jay can you confirm?)

So current party treasure consists of
1x MW Dagger, 1x damaged Spellbook (Aeric is looking at it), 1x Silver Ring (@ 75gp), Dust of Illusion (1 dose)

Restocking the Exploring Supplies
Animal Feed & Trail Rations & Torches ~ 25gp of Oleg Store Credit
1x replacement dagger for Aeric ~ 2gp of Oleg Store Credit

Coin: 321sp, 374gp, 13pp
Oleg Store Credit: 473gp
And the Making Peace with the Kobold's Reward.

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