Monday, October 25, 2010

Chapter 7 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 7:

2,400 xp for defending yourselves against the mindless zombies outside the fort
945 xp for dealing with the bandits in the fort, including the poachers that killed Kasimir
600 xp for chasing off (or killing?) Dovan
1,200 xp for defeating Beaky the Owlbear
600 xp for preventing Auchs from crushing Jonah's skull
800 xp for talking Akiros out of his blood rage
2,400 xp for defeating the Stag Lord and ending his reign of terror

Total: 1,789 xp each

Larry earns a bonus hero point for going balls to the wall on RP
Jeremy earns a hero point for solving gate dilemmas in a most awesome fashion

If you have enough xp to hit level 4, don't level your character quite yet. We're not quite done with the stag lord's fort...

Monday, October 18, 2010

You Feel the Cold Hand...

... and wonder if you you'll ever see the sun.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Wind and wave, both gender we,
Ever changing the pairing be,
Wild woman or Old Man of the Sea,
The storms of winter or normalcy,
Avoid they wrath, or be pruned from the tree!
~ from Hymns to the Wind and the Waves

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter 6 Experience Rewards

Aeric, Anatalia, Blaidd and Jonah receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 6

Aeric and Anatalia
200 xp for helping Blaidd get back on his feet

400 xp for getting back to the party in a way that was plausible, in-character, and entertaining to boot
300 xp for surviving an encounter with a thawn

300 xp for saving Jonah from a thawn

200 xp for dealing with the mysterious rider
400 xp for role-play bonuses in general - everyone did a good job being patient with and participating in an RP session

Marcus receives a 400 xp player bonus for working with the GM on a prologue to introduce his character

Aeric: 800 xp
Anatalia: 800 xp
Blaidd: 1,300 xp
Jonah: 1,300 xp (DING)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Aeric's Journal #7

Aeric Lebeda – Journal Entry 7

28th of Erastus

The past few days have been rather eventful. We have met an interesting individual named Blaidd (pronounced Blaith) of House Medvyed. He seems like a rugged sort if a tad too emotional about a dead wolf. He is very intent and persistent from what we have seen so far. It took considerable effort to convince him that we needed to head back and get his wounds tended by a healer, his idea of breaking arrows off while very dramatic, is also very impractical as it left the arrow head in the body. I’m quite sure that if I’m hurt I don’t want him treating me!

We head to the Temple of the Elk looking for Father Jhod and we have received word that Jonah will also be there. Apparently he as awoken from his coma, praise Erastil! We arrive at the temple to find that Father Jhod seems much overjoyed with the work ahead of him. He treats Blaidd and we prepare to head back out to follow the trail of the poacher/bandits.

Blaidd seems too intent, perhaps his wolf Kasmir meant more to him than I understand. However I feel obliged not to rush into things out here, or to put the horses at risk. Blaidd seems almost uncaring about the horses well being which is very peculiar for one who seems to practice druidic magic. Blaidd continues to follow the tracks well past last light, and Jonah follows him. Some sort of creature, which disguised itself as a rock, ambushes them. The creature almost kills poor Jonah, but fortunately Blaidd manages to kill the beast and heal Jonah.

In the distance we start to see a structure, which the poacher/bandits seem to have been heading towards. The structure is on a hillside and has a good view of the surrounding countryside. It will be difficult to sneak up on it. Blaidd convinces the rest of us to move in closer during the night so we can observe during the day. This is a considerable risk as it effectively puts us in harms way with no easy method of escape. If the bandits prove tougher than we anticipate we could be at a serious disadvantage.