Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter 6 Experience Rewards

Aeric, Anatalia, Blaidd and Jonah receive the following experience rewards for Chapter 6

Aeric and Anatalia
200 xp for helping Blaidd get back on his feet

400 xp for getting back to the party in a way that was plausible, in-character, and entertaining to boot
300 xp for surviving an encounter with a thawn

300 xp for saving Jonah from a thawn

200 xp for dealing with the mysterious rider
400 xp for role-play bonuses in general - everyone did a good job being patient with and participating in an RP session

Marcus receives a 400 xp player bonus for working with the GM on a prologue to introduce his character

Aeric: 800 xp
Anatalia: 800 xp
Blaidd: 1,300 xp
Jonah: 1,300 xp (DING)

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