Monday, May 3, 2010

Political Instability in Brevoy

Brevoy is a country on the verge of change. Of the seven noble houses, five are in the north and two are in the south. When the ruling House Rogarvia vanished completely, it left a power vacuum. House Surtova managed to push forward their claim to be Regents for the missing House.

Some, but not all of the noble houses have acknowledged this claim. This leads to considerable tesion, along with the fact that the lands of House Rogarvia have effectively become uncontrolled by any House. This is in part due to the fact the the Regency by House Surtova also effectively blocks them from reassigning House Rogarvia's lands and that House Surtova is stretched its resouces to hold the Dragonscale Throne.

Add in the considerations that the other Houses have some issues of their own. House Lebeda is also a regency for Lord Lander who is still a minor, they also seem to be looking for a marriage alliance with House Surtova. House Garess has recently lost its heir, and the new heir is an adopted dwarf! House Orlovsky which seems a focus of resentment towards House Surtova has as of yet refused to acknowledge that House Surtova is the de facto King. Mix this altogther and there are the possible components of a civil war.

In an attempt to defuse this state of affairs, House Surtova has announced several expeditions to claim the Stolen Lands. It is believed that by presenting an external issue, the internal issues will lessen.

Time will tell if civil war will be averted or merely delayed.

- Journey to the Stolen Lands, Journal of Aeric Lebeda.

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