Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 2 Experience Rewards

Maladan, Jonah, Aeric and Anatalia receive the following experience rewards for deeds of daring in Chapter 2:

700 xp for fully exploring and mapping certain areas of the Stolen Lands
400 xp for dealing with an unruly giant spider
1,200 xp for successfully defending yourselves against various mites
935 xp for dealing with a giant tick and his ugly mite rider
800 xp for not getting killed by a territorial giant whiptail centipede
1,600 xp for participating in the kobold coup and successfully brokering a peace with the Sootscale kobolds
400 xp for returning Svetlana's ring

6,035 xp total or 1,508 xp per player

Jeremy receives a 100 xp player bonus for his wonderful work with the map.
Johnny receives a 100 xp player participation bonus for playing along with the GM and offering a cinematic when prompted.

Note that the Kobolds in the Hills quest offers a payout of 400gp. Oleg will pay you out on behalf of Restov on your word that the kobolds have been dealt with.

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