Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Loot & Distribution

Current Party Treasure (after Session #3)
Journal of a Dead Man (mentions Elena)
Journal of Tartuk (Jonah reading it)
1x MW Dagger, 1x damaged Spellbook (Aeric is looking at it), 1x Silver Ring (@ 75gp), Dust of Illusion (1 dose), MW Cold Iron Sickle, Bracers AC +1, Scroll of Fly,

Special Orders from Oleg’s paid for but not yet rec’d
Erastil trinkets to pass out to locals
Pony for Jonah

Session 4 Gains
Bandit Loot: 8x longbows, 8x shortswords, 8x leather armor (intent to sell to Oleg)
Kressle: Studded Leather, Magic Cloak, MW Handaxe (x2), 4x Dagger, Silver Amulet (Stag Lord)
Pair of Silver Earings, 321sp & 90gp (coin value increased)

Found and moved away from Bandit Camp: Polished Wooden case of Potent Green Herbal Liquor, 3x crate of furs (possibly stolen from Oleg), wooden music box


Oleg Store Credit: 341gp

Also of note: The party has requested an engineer to help rebuild the bridge at the crossing. (haven’t ordered lumber or other supplies yet)
Tomaz made a deal with Oleg & Capt Garess to recover the bear traps and let the party know who is buying them.

Completed Quests:
Wanted: Bandits (reward when we reach Oleg’s)
Temple of the Elk (reward when we reach Oleg’s)

The Crossing was destroyed by bandits, the owner supposedly haunts the buildings.
At Tuskwater Lake there is a group of cultists worshipping an evil deity. They might be exerting influence over the bandits.
The points from the Fey were marked on the map.
- hot spring
- trapped clearing (which we cleared the hard way)
- big nasty bear in a cave
- bridge with a bunch of bad big-uns (bandits?)

Known Quests
Wanted: Tatzlwyrm, Wanted: Tuskgutter, Gathering Fangberries, Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg

Other Activities
Planning the party/festival at Oleg’s (Tomaz’s plan)
Locating ‘Elena’ ~ priest of Erastil is working on locating her and breaking the bad news

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