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Next Session

Just a reminder next session is scheduled for Sat, June 12 - start at around 2pm or so. Please update your calendars.

If this is not good for anyone please let us know ASAP so we can adjust.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Standing in the courtyard of the trading post, listening to Oleg speak of their problems with the bandits, had stirred something in the boy that the woodling had not seen in a long long time. Granted there was some rage, still to be expected considering the boy’s upbringing but there was also that sense of determination and steely will that the woodling knew ran through the boy’s core. He would need it for the work that was to be done. Killing had a way of wearing on the soul and it still remained to be seen if the boy’s could be salvaged.

In front of his new companions the boy wore the mask of a stoic warrior. The boy so resembled his father at times, the woodling thought to himself. But, at night, alone in the dark the dreams had come and the frightened animal which had nearly consumed the child years before reared it’s cowardly head once more...

No one had noticed Jonah slip away, already the boy was a master of stealth his small stature and years of “training” by his grandfather had taught him to move silently and invisibly. Soon his “other” talents would begin to manifest as well, for better, or far more probably, for worst. Slipping past his companions was an easy feat for the child and the woodling waited at the gate for his young ward to arrive...

“So just like that eh? Leavin’ in the middle of the night? Leavin’ the lady and the others to their fate?” The woodling shook his head in anger, though he felt nothing but sorrow in his heart.

“Frederick!” the boy almost collapsed in fright, his fear turning to dark anger, “you scared me!”

“I scared you!!!” the woodling chastised, “I scared you! I am the one makin’ ya run of like a daft coward am I? Tail tucked between yer legs like a yeller dawg!! If only your father could see ya now!”

“My father left me!” the boy sobbed, nearly breaking the woodling’s heart... “with HIM!!!” He was weeping now, fear and shame racking his frail body. “I can’t do it Frederick...” the boy’s eyes lit up... as he looked at the woodling.... “You can Frederick... like before.... make me sleep...”

The woodling’s heart grew icy... to feel alive again!!! To breathe the sweet air, to fight as a warrior!! To wield the sleeping giant in the boy as it should be wielded!! The woodling calmed himself, he couldn’t do it again. He didn’t know if he would be able to let it all go. “No... my Lord... it is not my place. You must learn... you must fight.”

“Please Frederick!!! I will learn.. I will! I just can’t... not now.. not yet... please this will be the last time I swear!” The boy was nearly frantic awash in panic.

In the end it was the love of the boy which won him over, at least that’s what Frederick tried to tell himself. “Then sleep my young Prince, and once it is all over I shall awaken you.”

Frederick stood there in the night clasping onto the dead form of Rickers, his heart full of relief, before he collapsed onto the ground, convulsing. Foam started to come from his mouth, his hands wailed frantically at his sides clawing at creatures only he could see. Then stillness and quiet until the boy picked himself slowly off the ground. Picking up the rat in his hands, petting it soothingly laughter began to come from the boy... joyful, maniacal laughter... not the laughter of a boy ... but rather reminiscent of a demon.

The creature walked back to where the boy had risen and slipped back into bed, closing its eyes, drinking in the sensations of life, waiting for the morning where it would wash the ground from whence it came with the blood of the living.

It could hardly wait.

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XP Progression

I was asked which experience progression we'll be using - we're using the normal progression.

This means you need 2,000 xp to reach level 2 (5,000 to reach level 3).

New Rewards


For your prologue contributions, each player receives 200 xp.

You also received a small token to add to your starting equipment.

Aeric - You managed to quite brilliantly pack up the essentials of your home alchemy lab into a portable form and fit it into your pack for the trip. This lab provides you with a +2 circumstance bonus to Craft(alchemy) skill checks.

Jonah - Frederick has been twitchier than usual as of late. You're still not sure what's going on...

Maladan - Years of rubbing your wooden symbol of Erastil for luck has worn it to a bright polish. In addition to acting as your holy symbol, you can use it to cast know location once per day.

Tomaz - Once you decide how your bardic performance manifests, you can use your trusty masterwork instrument (pen, lucky pin, tap shoes?) to provide you with a +2 circumstance bonus to your Perform skill.

Anastasia - The scimitar gifted to you in the desert has a hilt shaped like an ankh, with Sarenrae, arms in flame, as the grip and cross-guard and the sun as the pommel. It is a masterwork scimitar in addition to being your divine focus.

In addition, please mark down one Hero Point on your character sheet. This can be spent to reroll a d20 at any time when things get rough. Additional Hero Points can be earned by bringing awesome to the game (you choose the method to do so). If the other players are going "wow, cool!", you're on the right track.

Chapter 1
For dealing with the alleged bandits:
Each player receives 361 xp

Larry and Dewey have earned an additional +100 xp for helping preserve the precious bubble that is the verisimilitude of our campaign setting.

Oleg lets you take any bits of gear you want from the fallen - anything left over he'll claim as new stock.

Looted from the bloody and burnt corpses:
Leader - alchemist's fire, leather armor, dagger, composite longbow(+2 Str) with 20 arrows, 2 days of trail rations, silver stag amulet, 35 gp
Others (x3) - leather armor, longbow with 20 arrows, short sword, 2 days of trail rations, 10 gp
1 horse

1 longbow and a quiver with two dozen arrows was borrowed from Oleg that has yet to be payed for

Oleg gave you a bag with 50 gp in it, 2 potions of cure light wounds, and a potion of shield of faith (+2) as rewards for helping him

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Kingmaker session 2 – Wagons, A Trading Outpost and Banditos!

Kingmaker session 2 – Wagons, A Trading Outpost and Banditos!

Aeric’s Journal

We have been making our way south west along the road out of Restov. We are heading towards Oleg’s Trading Post which is the landmark for the territory that we are to explore, map and clear of unfriendly things.

My cousin Tomaz is somewhat unhappy with me, in that when I purchased supplies I didn’t see the point of purchasing any wine. Both Tomaz and Maladan claim that the water isn’t safe to drink. I think they are claiming that as an excuse to drink wine and other alcoholic beverages.

I must say that I’m quite impressed with Jonah’s woodcraft. He seems very much at home in the wild as it were. I do find his talk about Fredrick speaking and telling him things to be somewhat disturbing, but he seems able to function. Plus he is so darn cute that you can’t help but overlook a little bit of strangeness. Unfortunately while Maladan seems to be bonding well with Jonah, I’m thinking that Tomaz is only irritating the poor lad.

Anna seems fairly quiet. Perhaps the tragedy of losing her friend and mentor Desmond has inflicted considerable pain that Anna is not yet ready to open herself back up to the rest of the world.

On our journey the road has been getting progressively rougher. As we pass fewer and fewer farms and small settlements, it seems we are entering more wild and untamed lands. I’m not quite sure if we are actually in the Stolen Lands per se or if we are still inside the frontier borders of Brevoy and Rostland.

We did encounter a wagon traveling back to Restov. The lady and her two children are making haste away. Apparently the bandits have made off with her husband and she has had enough of ‘trying to make a go of it’ in the wilderness. As Anna and Maladan were busy talking with her, Tomaz and I realized the Jonah managed to scurry off into the bushes. I’m suspecting that Jonah has a very highly developed sense of personal survival. Which could prove troublesome later on, especially as he is supposed to be our guide. What are we going to do if our guide up and disappears on us in the middle of the wilderness?

We finally make it to Oleg’s Trading Post on the last day of the month. Tomaz is overjoyed, mainly because while my cousin is a big ideas kind of guy, he tends to forget some of the little things… like a bedroll. Tomaz is definitely looking forward to being able to sleep on a bed tonite.

The trading post seems to be of a fairly sturdy construction, although the catapults on the 4 towers have definitely seen better days. Svetlana seems to be quite a pleasant lady, and Oleg seems a bit on the gruff side. Although he does eventually warm up to us. Of course maybe the reason he warms up to us is that we have agreed to take on some bandits that have been plaguing the outpost. They come on the first of the month and take what Oleg has stored up. Which means that they will be here tomorrow at dawn. We look around the compound to figure out where we want to be when the bandits come in. Anna and Tomaz both want to try and convince the bandits to give up their own ways and either redeem themselves or join us. Maladan and myself are more of the ‘pull the weeds from the garden’ attitude, and Jonah comes across as bad men must be punished.

We setup early the next morning and the bandits arrive. 4 bandits with 6 horses. Apparently two of the horses are to be used as pack animals to bring back Oleg’s supplies. Anna and Tomaz greet them as they enter the outpost. Negotiations basically hit a stumbling block in that neither Anna or Tomaz can convince the bandits to lay down their weapons. The bandits claim to be here to do some trading, but Maladan and Jonah both detect that falsehood. Unfortunately it seems that as I was getting ready to make my move that the bandits picked up on it and reacted. They took up defensive positions and spooked the horses into us.

We eventually prevail over the bandits. I do feel somewhat sorry about shooting the badly injured bandit, it is possibly that we might have been able to take him prisoner, unfortunately he was the only one who was mounted and it looked like he was going to escape from the outpost. Failing to convince the bandits to redeem is one thing, but allowing them to leave and warn their friends about us would be an unacceptable tactical failure. Perhaps Erastil will forgive me, because Anna seemed quite put out with me and the others as none of the bandits could be saved or redeemed.

Oleg though was overjoyed with the results. After stripping the bandits of their gear he strung them up on the outside wall facing south as a deterrent to the other bandits. I’m not sure that was the wisest course of action, but this is his place technically he can do what he wants here. We did manage to capture one of the bandits’ horses, but the others fled. That may cause us some difficulty down the road if they manage to return to the bandits camp as it will alert them that something has changed at Oleg’s.

After the battle we notice there is a bulletin board with a number of rewards for slaying various creatures or performing a variety of deeds. With much discussion we finally choose to head south and investigate the rumors of kobolds and either defeat them, or make an alliance with them so that they stop raiding. We have also decided to explore as we go so the trip will take a bit longer than what we would normally anticipate travelling direct.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It was a strange sight to be sure, if any but the animals of the forest were there to see it. In the middle of a clearing in the dead hours of the night a small flickering flame was being fed by a child whose small demeanour masked any true guess of age. After he watched the fire for a moment, making sure it still burned, he moved a tree stump closer to it, slowly and methodically. After it had been moved he started to shuffle over another stump. A large thud and a gasping of air startled the child and he slipped in the mud...

“Frederick... I would have moved you.”

“At the way that yer movin lad!!! Not bloody likely... besides I am freezing... “ Jonah looked over to his companion and his heart filled with pain and sorrow at his poor mentor’s condition. Once he had been a proud defender of the Folk, once he had been a warrior, once he and Rickers had passed through the Mists as light through glass but now... the child turned his head to the rat and shivered... Rickers was not well. He was bound in what Frederick had called Undeath, as Frederick was as well, ever since that one horrible day...

The woodling noticed the child’s demeanour right away and cursed his own impatience. Frederick knew his plight weighed heavy on the young reagent’s heart and he knew how tenuous the child’s grip on reality was; “My lord,” Frederick addressed as properly as he could manage, “it truly was a minor inconvenience, your humble servant begs your forgiveness .”

Jonah turned back to the woodling... tears in his eyes and a smile beginning to form on his lips... “I hate it when you call he that Frederick...”

The undead woodling cracked a toothy grin of broken pebbles, “Then quit being a dolt and go find yourself some supper... and get enough for two...”

Jonah’s eyes widened... “You mean...?”

The woodling’s grin faded and he noded his head... “Yes, she is coming.”

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Political Instability in Brevoy

Brevoy is a country on the verge of change. Of the seven noble houses, five are in the north and two are in the south. When the ruling House Rogarvia vanished completely, it left a power vacuum. House Surtova managed to push forward their claim to be Regents for the missing House.

Some, but not all of the noble houses have acknowledged this claim. This leads to considerable tesion, along with the fact that the lands of House Rogarvia have effectively become uncontrolled by any House. This is in part due to the fact the the Regency by House Surtova also effectively blocks them from reassigning House Rogarvia's lands and that House Surtova is stretched its resouces to hold the Dragonscale Throne.

Add in the considerations that the other Houses have some issues of their own. House Lebeda is also a regency for Lord Lander who is still a minor, they also seem to be looking for a marriage alliance with House Surtova. House Garess has recently lost its heir, and the new heir is an adopted dwarf! House Orlovsky which seems a focus of resentment towards House Surtova has as of yet refused to acknowledge that House Surtova is the de facto King. Mix this altogther and there are the possible components of a civil war.

In an attempt to defuse this state of affairs, House Surtova has announced several expeditions to claim the Stolen Lands. It is believed that by presenting an external issue, the internal issues will lessen.

Time will tell if civil war will be averted or merely delayed.

- Journey to the Stolen Lands, Journal of Aeric Lebeda.

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