Monday, April 12, 2010

Preparing for the Trip

Journal Entry 1 - Pre-journey
I have spent most of the morning reading my meager gear for this trip. It was a most unfortunate turn of events at the dice game last night, I was doing quite well that I almost suspect that the dice were rigged. However, caution made me hold my tongue, the ruffians that I was playing with weren't the usual sort I hung around with so I was a tad unsure how they would have reacted. Knowing my luck they would have reacted quite badly to the accusation. So my coin pouch is much lighter than expected. Fortunately I had purchased most of the supplies I truly needed, but a horse would have been very useful.

Now I must hurry and join my companion as we head to the Stolen Lands to explore and hopefully claim a chunck of land.

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  1. Nice, Johnny - keep it up. I encourage everyone (if they so desire) to drop some tween-game character background here for everyone to enjoy.