Monday, April 25, 2011

Chapter 10 Experience Rewards

All characters receive the following experience rewards:

1,600 story xp for drumming up an entertaining cutscene involving General Swann and a mysterious black book...
2,400 story xp for helping Jubilost Narthropple and his fellow gnomes rescue (most of) their cargo from the raging river and acquiring some of his maps
2,400 xp for fending off a family of hungry tatzlwyrms. Don't forget to scratch off someone's horse (poor Chester!)

That's 1,280 xp each.

Note that the conflict between the loggers and the nixie remains unresolved, with the nixie having taken Corax hostage and the other loggers agreeing to give the party two days to work a miracle before they take their vengeance.

Consider yourselves officially quested to resolve this delicate situation. Apparently the dryad to the west knows something...

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